Advanced Muay Thai Head Kick Setup Technique

Inside Low Kick Counter to Tricky Head Kick Technique

It’s difficult to land a head kick, isn’t it? I’ve been trying out this advanced Muay Thai head kick technique and I’ve found it can be very effective… if you’re able to balance and throw a head kick!

To start off this advanced counter combo, you’ll be avoiding the inside low kick by switching and then following through with a jab, cross. From there you’ll be using your hook to pat down your opponents guard to land a brutal head kick flush to his face!

Take a look at the technique video to see the entire counter combo in action. Also, make sure to read the key tips below the tutorial so you can learn how to perfect this advanced Muay Thai kicking technique!

Advanced Muay Thai Head Kick Setup Technique

Here are a few technique tips to consider when you try this advanced counter and head kick setup.

  1. Bait your opponent. You can use your lead leg as bait to get your opponent to throw an inside leg kick. Once you see your opponent commit to the kick, immediately switch into a jab and then follow through with a cross.
  2. Drive your opponent back. As your opponent throws the inside low kick he/she will be balancing on one leg, which is an ideal time to push your opponent back. Use the switch jab, cross combo to push your opponent back so you can setup the advanced head kick technique.
  3. Throw kick along with your hook. The hook will setup the head kick by patting your opponents guard down, but as you throw the hook/pat down your opponents guard, your roundhouse should be coming right behind it. This is not easy to do and it takes a lot of practice, so don’t get frustrated. It’s an advanced Muay Thai head kick technique for a reason!

Having issues landing a head kick because of flexibility? Download this free mini-guide with stretches and tips on how to throw a head kick.

More technique videos will be released every Friday on my blog and on my Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to my channel for updates on new Muay Thai drills and technique tutorials!

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