Advanced Muay Thai Combo – Finding Range With All 8 Limbs

How To Control Distance To Land Powerful Strikes

Whether you throw a punch, kick, elbow or knee, you’ll need to learn how to gauge the distance between you and your opponent if you want to land any of your strikes successfully.

When throwing a variety of strikes, chances are the distance between you and your opponent is going to change. The advanced Muay Thai combo below utilizes all 8 limbs, but in order to land the strikes successfully you’ll need to find the correct range to get full extension and power in each technique.  Watch WBC Champ Justin Greskiewicz of Stay Fly Muay Thai demonstrate this advanced Muay Thai combination with one of his students!

Advanced Muay Thai Combo – Finding Range With All 8 Limbs

Controlling the distance between you and your opponent is a concept that is often overlooked. That being said, range is incredibly important to understand if you want to avoid taking any damage while simultaneously landing powerful shots.

In the next Muay Thai technique video, Julie Kitchen, 14 times World Muay Thai Champion, Enfusion Live commentator, Enfusion Reality co-host and renowned instructor is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on some of her favorite ways to close the distance and change ranges in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Closing the Distance Tutorial

Another effective way to close the distance and deal some serious damage on your opponent is by utilizing shifting attacks. What are shifting attacks? I’ll let Lawrence Kenshin’s breakdown of elite kick boxer Tyrone Spong show you how it’s done!

Tyrone Spong: Powerful Shifting Attacks

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