Advanced Muay Thai Combo – Switch Hook, Round Knee

Muay Thai Combination Technique Tutorial

Advanced Muay Thai combos like these are great for a number of reasons.

  1. Switching stances opens up a number new of angles of attack.
  2. The angle you throw the switch hook can very easily sneak in behind your opponents guard.
  3. Even if your hook doesn’t land, you open up a great opportunity for a round knee to the body.

There’s a variety of combos and angles of attack that open up once you switch stances so if you want to be a complete fighter you should definitely be drilling and training in your opposite stance. Anyway, give this advanced Muay Thai combo a try and take a look at the technique tutorial below:

I personally love switching stances and have been gradually using these types of advanced combinations more and more. I find that it catches my opponent/training partners off guard since normally when you switch it means either a kick or knee – but mixing in switch punches can really throw people off.

If you dig this type of combo and want to see more Muay Thai combination technique tutorials like this one, make sure you check out!

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