5 Advanced Muay Thai Combinations

5 Advanced Muay Thai Combos To Try In Sparring

Variety is the spice of life.

It’s time to put on your big boy pants, because we’re getting advanced. Basic strikes can come together by building upon each other and creating combos difficult to evade or otherwise defend. However, basics can get stale, and sometimes we need a little more.

Basics aren’t getting the job done? Then let’s kick this into high gear and start slinging leather. Let’s get advanced.

Advanced combos, like all combos and strikes, are supposed to catch the opponent off guard. What you present to the opponent will be the information he has to read, if you’ve yet to throw out any evidence of a high kick or a superhuman punch, then this may be your break…ing of his face. The aim is unpredictability, and what better way to be unpredictable than a little chaos?

5 Advanced Muay Thai Combinations

The grand slam of Muay Thai is the head kick. It can be a simple technique, but we can also add a layer of trickery. How about that?

You’ve got your opponent thinking about your strikes, he may have defended some and missed some. You’ve made him flinch as you pleased, and there the battle is won. The head kick can be set up through simple feints (think Machida’s hip shimmy he used against Munoz).

However, we’re kicking this into a higher gear. More than simplicity, we need trickery.

3 Tricky Muay Thai Head Kick KO Techniques

If the 10 basic Muay Thai combinations are Chopsticks, then this is Mozart. Few combinations in the world get harder and more calculated than this. The rapid fire and volume is as jaw dropping as it is jaw breaking.

Lawrence Kenshin will break this down piece by piece, let it be a cheat sheet for you to use in the future. For if you are able to pull off a combination of this combination…it’ll be a final exam passed in flying colors.

Epic Glory Moments: The Combo Of the Century by Gokhan Saki | Lawrence Kenshin

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