Advanced Footwork for Muay Thai: Shifting & Striking

Glory Champion Tiffany Van Soest Demonstrates Switch-Hitting

Want to fight like a mad octopus? Then switch-hit.

Switch-hitting is your spear that can penetrate any shield. Even the defensive mastermind Giorgio Petrosyan was unable to nullify the switch-hitting of Andy Ristie. However, there is an inherent danger in switch-hitting. Switch-hitting is a double-edged sword. When you switch stances, you open up more angles to attack your opponent with. However, you are also opening up angles on yourself.

The minimize this danger upon yourself and maximizing the damage you may inflict upon your opponent, you need proper footwork. Footwork is the key.

In the below video, Glory champion Tiffany Van Soest will demonstrate the footwork you need to keep yourself safe when switch-hitting or simply shifting:

Advanced Footwork for Muay Thai: Shifting & Striking

Train like a champion, fight like a champion. This is a common saying. However, in order to train like a champion, you must warm up like a champion. The warm up will determine the quality of your workout. If you train hard without a proper warm up, you will get injured. And when you get injured…no more fighting.

Check out the video below for the champion’s full warm up routine:

GLORY Champ Tiffany Van Soest’s Warm Up Routine

Fighting is a tricky thing. There are an infinite number of techniques that we can use. However, what can be used may not work. Fortunately, combat sports is everywhere on TV and the internet. If we want to find what works in a fight, we can easily turn on the TV and watch some pay-per-view event, UFC event, Glory fight, etc. 

However, what these events lack is a detailed breakdown of how to execute these techniques. Which is why Nak Muay Nation 2.0 exists. Nak Muay Nation takes world champions like Tiffany Van Soest and puts them right in front of you.

But she isn’t the only champion you can learn from. Need southpaw secrets from a 9-time champion? It’s here.

Want knowledge from Muay Thai legend Dieselnoi? It’s here.

Whatever you need is here on Nak Muay Nation 2.0.

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