A Warrior’s Life

warriors way muay thai motivation inspirationThe alarm goes off at 4:30 am.

You want to hit the snooze and silence the voices telling you to get up. You remember why set the alarm in the first place. You throw on layers of clothes to beat the 10 degree cold ready to nip your nose. You take your first step feeling the bruising from last night’s round kick that you swore broke your leg in half. You’re tired, starving and freezing. You just want to give in.

Then you remember,

it’s your drive that got you here in the first place. Your passion and vision that made you sign up for that fight. You are separated from the pack by a love for battle. All the preparation is for that moment of combat that will make you great.

This is the thought going through many fighters’ heads I train. These guys that walk in through the doors that want to be the next Anderson Silva. Many come but only a few will make it.

You have to set your priorities.

Every day is going to be an uphill battle of self-improvement and self-doubt. This sport is not for the faint of heart.

Every step in your training has to be precise and coordinated. You have to split days where you sometimes have to decide if you train technique or conditioning. You don’t want to listen to your coach when he makes you do line drills. You think you are ready for the big show. Yet you stay humble and it all pays off.

Your nutrition needs to be in check. Every Calorie, Every gram of protein. You space your meals. Your stomach hurts every day from not eating the garbage you did before you decided to make this journey. To top it off, you’ve been kicked so many times in the leg and the gut you swear your liver is a pile of mush. Yet you stay at it day in and day out.

You pretty much have lost your social life. Your friends think you are crazy… maybe they are right. Maybe you should throw the towel in and call it a day. Go drink yourself into a coma and forget all this sacrifice.

You get hit in the face, stop day dreaming and get back to sparring.

You just want this win. You want the record. You want to be Ramon Dekker.

This my friends is a call to greatness. This is modern day Sparta. You are the Viking. It your turn to bring the pain. You walk in that ring. You see that opponent. He is just as scared. You see it in his eyes. You smirk with a great new confidence. You feel almost Biblical. You touch gloves.

This my friends is the glory you seek. This is why you get up. This is your path. This is what it takes to live the warrior’s life. You my friend have been baptized by fire. This life changes you for the better. Get out and train.

A Warriors Way, written by Art Mucitell –  Part owner and striking coach at Lockdown Combat in Rome NY. Trained
Muay Thai, Boxing and Grappling with MVMMA an HBA. Art will be finishing his USA Boxing coach certification soon and trains his fighters in old school ways.
Facebook: Art Mucitelli, Lockdown Combat Club
Twitter: Lockdown mma
Website: Lockdowncombat.com

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