a muay thai stoner marijuana

A Muay Thai Stoner

My Take On Marijuana and Muay Thai

Yea, I smoke weed. Crazy right?

I personally don’t think so, but a majority of people who I tell think it’s absolutely insane.

Smoking a blunt or ripping the bong after a long day of Muay Thai training is one of the best ways for me to unwind, relax and reward myself. It helps me reflect on the day and think about what I want to focus on the next day. I truly believe that smoking weed has helped me in my career in more ways than one.

a muay thai stoner

Enjoying a well deserved victory L after breaking my arm and winning the US WKA title.

You might think I’m stupid, immature or irresponsible because I smoke the reefer.

Am I stupid?

Yea, sometimes. I do tend to say idiotic things when I’m high, but I also am at my most creative. Some of my best work or ideas have come to me shortly after a bong rip. Hell, I’m even writing this as I’m baked. I think it’s off to a good start so far… but then again, I’m high, so it’s hard to tell.

Immature? I don’t think so.

I mean, just like I can say idiotic things when I’m high, I know I can do some immature shit too. One of the more immature things I’ve done when I’m high involved baking brownies. I had the munchies and I was very impatient because I wanted the brownies immediately, so, my friend Dakotah and I sat on the couch with spoons eating the brownie batter in front of a broken TV. Hey, it could be worse right?

Irresponsible? Not really.

What do you classify as irresponsible? Is it irresponsible to stay in on a Friday night to watch a documentary, break down fight videos or read informational blog posts? I don’t think so. I think it’s much more irresponsible to go out to a rave to get wasted, do molly and wake up with a hangover. When I wake up from a night of smoking, my main issue is cotton mouth, which really isn’t that bad comparatively speaking.

Since I’ve been injured, I’ve obviously been smoking a little bit more than I would if I was training for a fight. When I have a fight, I rarely ever smoke. Normally I’ll stop smoking about 4 weeks out from a fight and then reward myself with a nice fatty after fight night.

Is there anything wrong with that? Some people might think so, but I don’t.

Some people demonize weed and think they have higher moral grounds because they don’t smoke. Those people piss me off. Haven’t they heard about Dr. Sanjay Gupta changing his mind on weed? I mean, if the TV doctor said weed is good, it’s gotta be good, right?

In all seriousness though, marijuana has been a part of my life since I was 18. Although it’s been on and off and I’ve had my battles with smoking too much, all in all I truly believe that it has helped me get to where I am today.

Now obviously I’m not crediting weed for all my success, because that would something a stoner would say. However, weed did help me improve in various areas of my life.

The nights I stayed up late by myself, I would do a lot of soul searching. Normally, the soul searching would happen after I cleaned out the fridge and polished up some Oreos, but either way, I had some really deep thoughts that lead to mini-epiphanies.

One major epiphany was wanting to travel to Thailand for the first time. Another one was starting a Muay Thai website based off of my fight career. Those two thoughts alone give me more than enough confidence to believe that the effect marijuana has on me can be positive.

On the other hand, when I smoke TOO much, my mind often feels cloudy and I normally just sit on the couch drooling on myself while watching the Food Channel until I pass out. But, after years of being a seasoned stoner, I have much more control with how much I smoke and what I do when I’m high. It used to be eat, watch TV and veg out on the couch watching mindless TV. Now I eat, write cool shit, watch badass fights and work on my website.

michaelphelpsI know, I know, smoking effects cardio and breathing. I’m well aware of this. I feel a noticeable difference when I smoke as opposed to when I don’t, but It doesn’t mean I have bad cardio, (shit, I just did 50 kicks in 27 seconds after smoking a blunt, get at me now!) it just means that my cardio could be better if I didn’t smoke.


I lost track of what the point of this post was, probably because I’m high. I think the main focus was to get people to open up their minds a little bit more. I wanted for people to understand that smoking marijuana can be beneficial for some people if used in moderation, even when competing in a combat sport like Muay Thai or kickboxing.

Don’t get me wrong, some people have good reactions to weed, but others can react horribly to it. I know people who get super anxious, paranoid and have no rational thinking when they’re high. It’s all good, weed isn’t for everyone.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that, stop hating on people who smoke the ganja, it’s their choice and it’s up to them to decide how they use it. Some people might be stupid, immature and irresponsible when they are high, but some people might be fortunate enough to be super productive and creative. Weed doesn’t make a person lazy, a persons habits and attitude makes them lazy.

Originally I thought that it would be a bad idea to write a post like this because the haters will come out and rip me apart. I also thought that people will lose respect for me because I’m open about my smoking.

But I decided, I don’t give a shit.

If you think I’m a bad role model for smoking, that’s your opinion and I can respect that. If you can’t respect me anymore because you know I’m a Muay Thai stoner, that’s fine too. I guess the real point of the post was to weed out the people who are close minded and think they are above someone who smokes. (see how I used that pun right there? I’m a genius when I’m high.)

Like I said, my opinion is probably going to be criticized and it’s all good! The great thing about it all is that it’s my choice to smoke. Trust me, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t believe it has had a positive impact on my career and my life.

What about you?

What’s your take on marijuana in Muay Thai?
Do you smoke at all and has it helped you with any areas of your life or training?
Or do you think it’s completely irresponsible and a huge detriment to pursuing a career in Muay Thai?

Leave a reply in the comment section below, I’m interested what you think.

And before you decide you’re against weed, I encourage you to check out Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report on it in this video below:

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Sean Fagan
Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan owns & operates the largest online Muay Thai community and the #1 training resource for nak muay of all levels.

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    1. Yea man I’ve thought about that, I’ve had a bunch of friends tell me about it so I’m definitely going to have to look more into it. Thanks for the input!

      1. Look into a vapir no2.. Helped my cardio alot after a few weeks of staying off of any kind of smoking and sucking to the vape. Its a great model for solo use, or use with 1-2 other people. Its only about 80$, fairly durable and does a great job of actually vaporizing almost all the actives

  1. Smoke up man! Its a plant, your not skulling 100 beers or popping ecstacy with dirty chemicals in it. Muay thai is a MAJOR mental game aswell, if it helps you stay calm toke up brother!

    p.s. love the beard 🙂

  2. Hey, just wanted to give you my support. I do BJJ , Muay Thai, play soccer, surf and I’m a personal trainer. I approach it the same way and don’t have many bad effects. It has also affected my life in more of a positive way than negative. I don’t attribute that to weed but I believe it’s helped me keep my head when I could possibly go crazy. haha 🙂

  3. Well you are an adult you are not being forced to do the weed so whats the big deal?? All the problems of human beings are because of their egos… and well ANYONE should say if its good or bad, but its easy to criticize dont you think??

    Blessings and hope you win another big fight!!!

  4. i bought a MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box, a hand-held vaporizer) specifically for switching to during camp so i could reap the pain management and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis without the adverse cardiovascular effects of smoking it. i normally only smoke to help me get to sleep at night, but during camp i would come home and immediately hit the MFLB after training to help manage the pain and recovery.

    i’d say that, not only were there no adverse effects, vaporizing cannabis was absolutely critical in getting me through camp.

  5. I love your blogs, how you rep the sport and I also have more respect for you now as your are being as transparent as you can be. I firmly believe it should be legalized and I know of tons of successful people (like yourself) who partake in this so there is no shame in it whatsoever. Keep doin’ what you are doin’ man 🙂

  6. I do muay thai here in Denver and I smoke regularly. I agree 100% with this post, if you’re good at what you’re doing then people are gonna trash talk. Fuck em.

  7. After a hard day of training I like to go home light one and rub liniment oil on my legs. You can feel the burn much better. And yes, it helps me relax my muscles and my mind.

  8. good post, could use a little editing…like you i am high and grammatical errors sorta jump out at me when i get high…it got choppy in the middle with one and 2 sentence paragraphs, and then i had to read and re read your pun to try to figure out what you were talking about

    “I guess the real point of the post was to weed out the people who are close minded and think they are above someone who smokes. (see how I used that pun right there? I’m a genius when I’m high.)”

    should have read…

    “I guess the real point of the post was to weed out the people who are close minded and think they are ‘higher than’ someone who smokes. (see how I used that pun right there? I’m a genius when I’m high.)

    but i digress, because im high, so i will end saying that i support your choice in writing this post, i believe it will be of some help to a good number of people

  9. Yeah I also agree to a vaporizer. But normally, if I smoke before I go to bed, I have awesome cardio when I wake up. Maybe it’s just different for everybody. But preach on brotha, nothing wrong with the herb.

  10. Bro…I train at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand every year. I am here in Long Island on a job. I am from Cali where we have cannabis clubs in every town. I have not puffed in 4 month’s since I left Cali. Where can I find some herb? If I take the LIRR to the city could you help me out? Thanks and great post. Weed is the best for resting, reflecting, and recharging.

      1. thanks for reply. I have another 2 or 3 months here in Long Island, then go home to Cali for 1 month, then Thailand for 2 months. I design products for Motorola as a contractor (temp)to finance my training. I would gladly make the trip to the city to just hang for a few and say “Hi!” Here is my 2 minute video from Tiger Muay Thai

  11. it’s like reading something taken out of my mind. im glad there is more people with similar attitude to mine! CHOK DEE Brother

  12. you gained my respect. although you already had It. I smoke and when I competed I told my trainers and they looked at me kike I was crazy but I never got questioned on my performance. currently 1-0.

  13. Fagan, fantastic article. Congrats on your success, your belt, your creative thinking, and your future endevors.

    2 years ago I started college, almost 10 yrs after graduating HIGHSCHOOL(pun intended) of which 8 were great years of ground pounding military service. I am now on my way to the upper echelon of the medical field. I am currently training for an Ironman, the SOS triathlon, and am swimming competitively. I have also recently gotten divorced, and spend a majority of the time as the sole provider of my children.

    I too, am an experienced toker, smoker, what ever you call it. I am also an All-American athlete, top of my class in college, and have an alter-ego, SuperDad. I don’t smoke when I have my kids and I’m not recommending that everyone picks up an L and gets down. I am supporting your piece. Hell, after these psychotic days I put myself through day in and day out…in a responsible manner, before the HW starts, a binger rip tends to put me in my best study mode. In the words of the great Method Man, “I figure, if I study high, take the tests high, get high score’s! Right?” Lazy people will always be lazy, champions will always hold themselves HIGHER than the lazy….again…great piece dude.

    1. Thanks for the support AJ. You were a beast athlete and you are a hero who served our country, so I have total respect for your opinion. O yea, and your a superdad too… I don’t know how you do it all man! Anyway, keep doing you and thanks again for the response man!

  14. Hey Sean
    I’m a long time follower of your blogs and ur FB page. I agree with you hole heartedly. I also appreciate ur honesty in talking about the manner. Myself I work two jobs, play in a band full time and train Muay Thai several times a week. I’m allways very busy working, training and practicing very hard and I believe I’ve earnt the right to treat myself when I come home after a long day. Weed has never effected any of my work training, or musical projects (it helps with music creativity of anything). I think that everyone needs a vice and weed is much better than going to the pub every night and sinking 5 pints. It’s good to see someone like you stand up for themselves and admit to smoking despite the possible response of haters, good on ya mate!

  15. Respect! I love smoking a bowl or small joint after training just to wind down and relax my mind. Like you said, its better to just stay in on a Friday night, get high and watch fight videos, instead of going out, getting drunk or popping molly and regretting it the next day lol. Don’t worry about all the ignorant haters, they are clueless. I can tell you are a down to earth, cool as shit dude, and I bet we would get along famously. P.s. great work on everything you’ve done so far.

    All the best,


  16. Yes, you’ve lost my respect, not for smoking weed but for wearing that Rangers shirt! Just kidding. Go Sharks. Thanks for keepin it real.

  17. Good post! It’s not my bag, dabbled a bit in my teens but tended to get pretty paranoid with it. Whatever works for the individual, it would be a boring world if we were all the same.
    Respect for your honesty.

  18. Yeah man. I fight and I smoke. I’m also a writer, a musician and a cook and I live an extremely active and busy life. It’s almost impossible for me to relax. As soon as a day off I’m turning to one project or another which I pick and bring along a bit further. Weed allows me to just halt my insane hunger for moving forward, to chill out and relax. I used to smoke every day…now it’s just a couple times a month. Before my first fight I went six weeks without it, the longest I had for a long time. Then in preparing for my second I had an epiphany – being an obsessive person I approach cutting weight and fight prep in the same way as everything else, e.g. 110%. But, if ten days out I drink TWO beers and smoke ONE joint, I can suddenly let go, relax and refocus. Each to their own – I have no room for empty moralising in my life, so if it works, use it, and if it doesn’t, avoid. But don’t fall into the “but it’s breaking the law” trap – that’s a dead-end.

  19. I don’t have a problem with it, but was wondering when you go pro do they test for weed in any drug tests? If so, will a 4 week break be enough for it not to register on a test?

    1. Me either! I was so light headed afterwards I don’t know if it was because I was high or out of shape, or both haha Brownies is a great idea… might have to get on that soon!

  20. Great post! Love the anticipation when I begin to read something that is sure to stir emotions. I’m with you on this one, just wondering if you mix tobacco/pot when you roll a spliff?

  21. Sean, if that is what works for you, its not my place to say you should not do it. In my case, I don’t smoke… anything (or drink alcohol) and a big reason I train is to stop the aging process, so its not the right thing for me. Living here in Thailand, I also would not want to take the chance on getting caught with any illegal drug. The government is zero tolerance and Thai jails are said to be horrible.

    1. I’m not planning on smoking while I’m in Thailand, it’s too much of a hassle and stress to deal with. It’ll be a good break from weed. I’m interested to see how different I feel after not smoking for a few months.

  22. My son competes in Muay Thai..
    I’m a firm believer in ‘each too their own’ but on signing up to email alerts from you I’d have to say you should maybe be a bit more careful with what you share.
    The alerts sent to my email are for my 15yr old son & the only reason I get them as apposed to him is that he never logs on to his email! He’s a sensible kid & right now is focusing on his exams, training & going to Thailand for the summer next year.. I wouldn’t really want him to be reading something like this though (he told me he tried it & hated it so i was relieved about that!)
    I smoked weed for about 15 years although I was quite a lazy stoner..so i definitely wouldn’t judge you but I would just rather my son wasn’t basically told it was OK for him to do it…

    1. I completely understand your concern and see where you’re coming from. In hindsight I guess I didn’t really take in consideration that teenage kids read my posts and are influenced based on my opinions and action. I probably should’ve wrote a section about the negative effects it has for younger kids and why it probably wouldn’t be a smart idea to do it while you’re in school trying to get good grades and what not.

      Sorry about missing out on that. If you’d like me to personally write your son at any point, whether it’s regarding smoking or regarding a different aspect of life/training, I’d be more than happy to. Thanks for being open and honest with your opinion!

  23. Much respect for the post, very relative. Nothing better then smoking a spliff before rolling or after a good long day to reflect. I find when I learn something new and smoke up, I look back at what I’ve done and write down the technique or movement in my book and you mentally rehearse, breaking down the finer little things you may have overlooked.

  24. Do your thing bro i have no probs with smoking i smoked green most of my life im off it at the moment,vaporizer is probably the way to go tho,probably will take time to get used to it as it wont hit the back of your throat like a nice ol spliff will

  25. I only smoke it when I’m sick (couple times a year) and don’t have the strength to get motivated. I only take a couple hits, any more and I get anxious. I know it’s better for you than alcohol…never seen anyones lives ruined by weed, other than a loss of motivation, and stuck in a time warp.
    I would recommend not smoking pot until your brain has fully developed and you’re finished with you education. It will stagnate your development.

  26. Loved this post!!!! I personally tend to be way more analytical when I smoke so I’ve tried doing pad work after taking a few hits of the pax (vaporizer, you should check it out if you haven’t heard of it) and DAMN it was AMAZING. It gets me into a real nice flow and pad work becomes even more fun if that’s even possible. I don’t do it all the time but if I need a little extra stimulation before I hit the gym I feel it’s just what I need. Anyways, thanks for doing what you do man. I respect the fact that you were able to post this. Peace!!!!

    Oh and here’s the link to that pax, it’s a bit pricy but it’s pretty damn legit and discrete.

  27. I train too man, and there is nothing better than too come home and reward myself with a good ol toke of the ganja. I find it helps with meditation as well and thinking about what I just learned in class. Plus it makes the ong bak movies that much cooler lol, it’s all good

  28. I’ve always been pretty high energy, but when I was around 21 I found pot to be extremely useful in relaxing and focusing on the task at hand. I discovered this by sitting down on a few occasions and planning out my week with to-do lists that I would promptly not fulfill the following day, but it was a start. Since then, I have created the habit of planning my week out every Sunday, using goals to move my life in the direction I want it to go and I actually have direction now, whereas in the past I just kinda drifted. I attribute my ability to open my mind and try new things, like setting goals, to pot.

    Through the years, I have also found marijuana to be helpful with many tasks involving physical fitness. It not only allows me to relax, but brings me much more in tune with my body. Amongst other things, I have used it to target tight muscle groups and make slight adjustments on my posture or movements to generate more power when striking.

    Even considering the benefits I’ve experienced, I’m still on and off about it’s use because I believe it would be most beneficial to develop techniques to become more organized, focused, and in tune with my body sober. In the end, I seriously doubt I would have enough self-awareness to even make that observation had I not used this plant.

    All in all, I think there very little harm done and all I can really say is if it works for you, do your thing.

    I’d also like to add that I really appreciate that you have written this article and I’ve felt compelled to comment on it since it was published. Considering my new career in the fitness industry and world of combat sports, I have been on the edge as whether to openly state that I use pot somewhat regularly, but you’re article has given me a bit more courage to stand up and say that I do. In fact, I just told my coach that I smoke pot from time to time cause he was asking what I was typing. He hardly gave it any concern, reinforcing what I was saying to his girlfriend (an ER doctor) from conversations he’s had with other people in a variety of professions. So, thanks again. Posts like these will help increase discussion about it, hopefully removing a lot of the stigma on the matter.

  29. I respect that you share your thoughts on ganja and muay thai. I agree with you 100% and like a lot of the guys here I recommend vaporizers and edibles just to refrain from too much effects on cardio. I would continue to enjoy the mary jane if I wasn’t trying to become a cop.

  30. hi ive been training in martial arts judo,tae kwon do and now muay thai on and off since i was 7,iam now in my late 40s and have toked in one way or another since i was 16,but know only use vaporisers volcano and verdamper,and eat edibles,drink hash hot choclate (nice)while i dont think its hindered my training or particularly helped it for that matter,its my preffered choice of recreational high,i also like legal highs of drinking the odd beer or 6 haha(never touch anything else,especially not the dreaded tobacco evil stuff),but i will say if i overdue the weed nothing more than a slight loss of motivation occurs where as with beer the same cannot be said if i overdue it i feel like shit and my performance in training is affected for 2-3 days especially when in a hot climate like thailand,takes longer to recover,i think you should be rewarded for you honesty and as your a champion unlike me people cant really say much to you about it affecting performance can they or you wouldnt be a champion,i think a lot of people are hypocrits about it anyway as the same people who despise weed will think nothing of drinking the odd beer,so its okay to drink because your goverment said that they would allow you too,but not to indulge in a herb that has a non toxic affect on the body,well all i can say to that is fuck the goverment i dont need them to tell me what i can and cant put in my body as long as i dont harm anybody(i.e theres no injured party then how the hell can it be a crime)and i will continue to indulge in herb,ive been vegetarian since i was 18 anyway and have always been very health conscious both dietry wise and excercise wise so dont really abuse my body as i dont think weed is a stresser on the body unlike some other highs,so dont think i am hurting myself to much.And i know if my instructors from judo,tkd,and muay thai were reading this now,(especially tkd as i obtained a dan grade in that)they would be horrified,but i dont care as what horrifies me more is how sum of them were married but would think nothing of trying to hit on the hottest girl in the class behind there wifes back,but would hate me for having a love of ganja.

  31. To be honest, I respect you for your Muay Thai expertise, your determination in training, and bringing great martial arts content on the web. However, I must disagree with your use of marijuana, on two main accounts. 1) It’s an illegal substance. I don’t want to be doing something that could cause me jail time, and 2) prolonged use of marijuana has been linked to decreased IQ, slower mental processing, and the like. Once again, I respect your expertise and am so happy that you bring a learned opinion into the Muay Thai world, but I disagree with your use of drugs,

  32. I feel the exact same way. I’ve been training muay thai for a year and a half. I can honestly say that I feel more relaxed and thus have better technique when I use weed once a day. Great blog!!

  33. I find that after throwing a few hundred roundhouses, it’s one of the best muscle relaxants out there! I swear down that it aids my recovery. Nice article, interesting read mate.

  34. Great article Sean. I’ve met many elite martial artists who also love a toke, some now and again, and others more regularly. It’s a nice gentle painkiller, and it relaxes tight muscles after a hard days training.


  35. Loved the post, loved the puns and I basically agree with Your every word. For me it helps to relax and ease the stress of “normal life problems” which can easily eat themselves into my focus in training and overall ruin the whole process that day because I get too emotional about ‘other suff’ that I shouldn’t focus on in that particular moment. It cleares my mind of overreacted emotions and helps me stay calm and rational during lower periods of time. But still, everything in moderation – some people just stay in the laziness and loose their whole productivity due to smoking, that’s not good. I believe it’s a mental game and issue how people handle smoking as well.

  36. Personally speaking, Sean if this works for you, so be it. I Stopped the weed YEARS ago and do no type of smiking for cardio’s sake. I DO drink a few beers a day after work and I also train hard. So what? We all have stuff we enjoy. All that aside, I appreciate and respect your advice and you as a fighter, person and teacher. Peace.

  37. It speaks volumes that out of (at the time I’m writing) 116 comments, only 5 of them were of the opposing view… There is SO much evidence that Marijuana has beneficial properties above and beyond its known risks. I agree with many of the comments above that vaporizing or eating cannabis is probably better than smoking it as it allows the body to better integrate its beneficial compounds (as supported by various studies, especially with Cannabis oil), but thank you for putting this out into the world. Any support for giving rational adults autonomy over their own consciousness (allowing access to a PLANT so we can further study its benefits and risks) is incredibly valuable.

  38. Eddie bravo admit that he smoking and he is genius at his sport. I am not a stoner but sometimes I smoke to, I have never smoked before training kickboxing in any of the gyms I have worked in or been a member.i have practiced kickboxing since early 90s and been to muay Thai camps many times started assistant instructor at age 14 at Wolfgang wedde after just 18 months at centrum martial arts, back in time I smoked more after learning alot I think that helped me reflect and digest it better so I could absorb and develop. I started to meditate and trained qi gong for a year and had a brake from all types of kickboxing a couple of years in my 20s suddenly I felt more creative about it and wanted to add more knowledge and now I’m mixing up combo’s from tkd bokator muay Thai savate kyokushin with a open mind you will see that they are all linked and they are all kicking and boxing I will soon be 40 years.i was never a star or famous but I learned a lot and had a great journey that isn’t over jet and I’m not smoking much anymore kind of feel like I don’t need it that much anymore but very nice the few times a year I do and sit down with a joint and visualize the joy of my favorite sport kickboxing the friends and instructors the ups and downs and the journey that isn’t over jet

  39. Hi !!!! I love this post !!! It’s funny when people start judging stoners when they prefer to go out and spend loads of money on Boose and get shit faced , I’m a bar manager and I do
    Muay Thai for 7 years , and I love my zoot after a long night of service , my boss always have a go with me saying “you have to smoke less weed ” but I say to him everytime “would stop drinking ” ” why should I ?” He says , and then I’ll put the facts on the table , alcohol kills more than 50 000 every year , what about weed ? 0 !! And then I’ll ask him “is that enough ?” He literally smiles and goes away … There’s no point arguing with people that don’t know what they’re talking about !!! They don’t even know how weed became illegal on first place !! Not because it was a “drug” …. Political shit , they don’t do any research about it , nothing !! Just to say that I support your choice and it’s like you said “weed is not for everyone ” cheers and happy 4.20 to every stoner !!

  40. Hey bro I like the way you think, id get my best ideas after a bong. My work outs are more interesting as id focus more on the muscle being worked or come up with different ways to do an exercise. I was always the bad man and criminal for smoking pot when I was around my friends. Then id see my friends drinking beer in one hand and smoking a cigarette in the other and id tell them thats worse, I dont have a problem with people who drink or smoke I just think they dont see the big picture. The reason why cigarettes and alcohol are excepted is because the government put a brand on it. Alcohol has destroyed many lifes and families through violence, pot seems to make me love everyone around me and make me think more rationally. When you concider the medicinal properties marijuana has you’d think the government would be more inclined to rethink their stupid policies. Im actually stoned writing this post so now im going to raid the refrigerator. All the best mate and keep up the good work.

  41. i always had a doubt about being a muay thai stoner, whether muay thai and weed smoking at the same time is harmfull or not and how often do a muay thai fighter smoke weed, but all my confusions got cleared out, thanks to you. i proudly say i’m a muay thai stoner. #respect for u.

  42. I suffer anxiety, I usually work out to keep myself happy, but sometimes the sessions just get me so riled up I can’t sleep at night, metabolism been burning through the night, mind in fight gear….occasionally a little joint and a big fat recovery meal and then some DEEP sleep is all you need for recovery. Gotta just watch out it don’t become a habit. Sometimes if have a few days after a long month il smoke. Also gotta watch out for the stuff you get, the nice clean milder stuff is what it’s about. It’s all about the person not the stuff.

  43. Many use weed as a combat drug (keeps them calm and collected while they beat up innocent people).
    Also all the money shelled out on it goes to dickheads who shouldn’t even exist.
    It’s power that is frequently misused and so will not be universally legalised; and if it’s not legal then it’s only traded illegally; that kind of money goes to the wrong guys and they will get even better equipped (buying guns) and nastier.

  44. Respect and blessing to you ! I’ve been judged by people for the same actions but, it helps and keeps me at my most creative point. Keep up the great work, I am definitely a fan.

  45. Guess what people who are against weed smoking don’t know its benefits in the first place. I too smoke weed after a harsh day. Weed helps me relax and workout with more energy.

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