A Muay Thai Sparring Philosophy Discussion

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 58

We all love to spar. It’s the time during training where we get to test the techniques and tactics we’ve learned throughout our bag work, pad work, and shadowboxing and see if the stuff we learning is actually applicable in a fight.

There are a number of Muay Thai sparring tips out there (like the ones I share with you below) but very rarely do we get to go more in-depth about the philosophy and strategy of sparring… and that’s exactly what Paul and I decided to do in this weeks Muay Thai Guys podcast.

We cover a whole range of sparring topics including:

  • Hard sparring vs. technical sparring
  • The pros and cons of hard sparring
  • The pros and cons of technical sparring
  • How to choose the right sparring partners
  • Intentionally choosing aspects of your game to work on during sparring sessions.
  • Why “winning” isn’t a thing in sparring.
  • How and why you should check your ego at the door before sparring.
  • Why MMA fighters and boxers tend to go harder during sparring sessions than Muay Thai fighters.
  • And much, much more.

Click here to listen to TMTG 058: A Muay Thai Sparring Philosophy Discussion

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