A Muay Thai Couple – Paul and Sam talk living, training and fighting together in Thailand

Muay Thai Podcast Interview #49

Talking Training, Thailand and Relationships with Paul Banasiak and Sam Abrams

muay thai couple paul and sam fight night in Thailand

Ever wanted to share your passion of Muay Thai with someone you love? Well, Paul and Sam are doing just that. These two amateur fighters from Connecticut, USA are pursuing their dreams and training together on a regular basis and most recently made a trip to Koh Phangan, Thailand to take their training and relationship to the next level.

Not many couples are able to punch and kick each other in the face, so needless to say, they have a unique perspective on things. In the latest Muay Thai Guy podcast episode, I sat down with Paul and Sam to talk about the challenges and rewards of training together as well as a variety of other topics such as:

  • The difficulties of separating being a trainer from being a boyfriend.
  • How Muay Thai has brought them closer as a couple and how they use it to constantly improve themselves and their relationship.
  • What’s it like watching and cornering your significant other on fight night.
  • The differences between their training routines in Thailand and their training back home.
  • Their expectations for their trip to Thailand and how things quickly changed after they arrived.
  • How traveling and training in Thailand has changed their perspective on training and life.
  • What’s it like knowing that they will be fighting on the same card in Thailand and how they plan on handling it on fight night.
  • How they’ve been enjoying their downtime in Thailand and what their plans and goals for the rest of their trip are.
  • And much more!

Photo credit: Chastity Cortijo of fightnightpics.com

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