A Life Changing Experience at Thailand Training Camp

Evan Perrier’s Experience at the Nak Muay Nation Training Camp

The story of Evan Perrier is perfect evidence on how risks pay off and how fears are more often imagination than reality.

It is a daunting task to fly across the world to Thailand even as an experienced practitioner of Muay Thai. It is even more frightening when you’re new to the art. However, this is exactly what Evan Perrier did.

Evan’s physical transformation alone is proof enough of the excellent training and coaching of Muay Thai; he arrived in Thailand at about 83 or 84 kilos, and he left 20 pounds lighter and with a six pack. However, the weight loss is just the beginning of his physical transformation.

His technique was ever sharpened with each training session that passed, and by the end of the training camp, he was voted by his fellow campers as the most improved of the 2 months. Still, this is not all. Evan’s physical transformation caused, as physical transformations often do, a mental transformation as well.

Evan Perrier stepped into the crucible that is Thailand Training Camp and came out soaring like an eagle. This is his journey:

As demonstrated by Evan’s experience in Khongsittha, risks pay off. Perrier gave up much to find himself training in Khongisttha and experiencing the beauty of Thailand, and he came away with just about anything he could ask for, including a sponsorship.

It’s often said by those who’ve experienced Thailand, but I want to say it again: you will never regret experiencing Thailand and Muay Thai in its truest and most glorious form.

Thailand Training Camp is the opportunity to train with some of the kindest and best Krus one can find. It is the opportunity to develop your Muay Thai game to the fullest extent.

However, it is also about moving outside of the gym and into the culture of Thailand and Muay Thai. It is about growing and bettering yourself with campers from all corners of the earth. It is about meeting superstars like Buakaw and watching legends like Saenchai. Above all, it is about creating an everlasting memory.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Do not let fear get in your way. In the words of Seneca the Younger, “it is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare, things are difficult.”

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to www.ThailandTrainingCamp.com

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Evan is a gourmand of combat sports from Taiwan. He appreciates the beauty of Muay Thai movement and all other movements. He's got no rudder so if the winds blow northerly, he goes north. His goal is to achieve and appreciate.

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