A Lesson for Young Nak Muay (Turning Pro)

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 11

muay thai guy sean fagan podcastWhen is the right time to turn pro?

This is a question almost every young Nak Muay ponders at some point throughout their amateur career.

Is it after a certain amount of tough amateur fights?
Is it when you’ve run out of amateur opponents in your weight class?
Is it when your coach and training partners say you’re ready?
How do you even know when you’re ready to make the leap to the pro rankings?

The answer is going to be different for every Muay Thai fighter, but it basically all comes down to how serious you are about your fight career.

In the most recent episode of The Muay Thai Guys Podcast, Sean and Paul discuss their thoughts on turning pro and the top factors that should be considered by every athlete deciding whether or not they should make the leap. The cover the benefits and down points of fighting professionally and the mindset/work ethic you need to develop in order to be successful as both an amateur AND a professional.

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To give you a brief background, Sean is a recently new pro who had 24 amateur fighters and 2 amateur titles before making his pro debut, which he lost after being stopped in the first round (you can read his thoughts on his tough defeat here). He will be fighting on the next Lion Fight 26 card against a tough opponent in Pedro Gonzalez. Paul (www.muaythaiathlete.com) is a seasoned amateur with 15 fights and on the fence about when he should start fighting professionally. He’ll be representing the US in Spain and then shortly after he’ll be headlining the fight card at Madison Square Garden.

Also don’t forget to “The Complete Guide To Fighting For The First Time” where Sean and Paul will go into detail and cover topics like:

  • Figuring out your motivation and why you want to fight.
  • Showing your worth and putting in the time at the gym.
  • Training like the fighter you want to become.
  • Planning out your entire training camp
  • Meal planning and nutritional advice.
  • Recovery methods and injury prevention.
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Muay Thai specific training.
  • Making sacrifices and focusing on your goals.
  • Building a relationship with your coach and training partners.
  • Preparing mentally in the locker room before a fight.
  • And much more!

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