9 Reasons Why You Will Never Be A Muay Thai Fighter

Harsh truths about muay thai training that you need to hear

Do you know why you will never be a muay thai fighter?

Probably not. But that’s ok, because I’m here to break you down and make you cry.

I’m about to give you the harsh truth behind the reasons why you will never become a successful muay thai fighter. If you’re offended by any of my reasons, then chances are you are just guilty of them. So suck it up and get a reality check, I’m about to hurt some peoples feelings:

#1. You’re A Lazy Bum

Yea I said it.

You barely make it to the gym and when you do, you half ass all your workouts unless someone is there watching you.

You’re eating habits and overall lifestyle is not what it should be. You spend your weeknights eating potato chips, drinking beer and vegging out on the couch watching episodes of Honey Boo Boo every night.

You oversleep your alarm clock and miss your morning training session. You think to yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll make up for it in the gym later”.

Pretty much you just suck.

#2. You’re Not Dedicated

You might think you are… but you are far from it.

You don’t go to the gym every day. You don’t train with the desire, focus and intensity you need in order to step into the ring and succeed. You don’t eat as healthy as you should. You don’t train enough on your own. Basically you don’t make the necessary sacrifices it takes in order to be in top condition.

If muay thai isn’t your priority that’s fine, just don’t expect to be a successful fighter if you don’t dedicate your time and effort to training.

#3. You Don’t Want It Bad Enough

You say you want it bad, but you don’t. You just kind of want it. You don’t want to run that extra mile. You don’t want to put in that extra training session. Plain and simple, you just don’t want it.

You can talk all you want on Facebook or Twitter about how “hard” you train and how badly you want to step into the ring and fight, but talking won’t get you anywhere.

#4. You Give Up Too Easily

You’re a little bitch and when you get hit hard sparring you give up. When your trainer is holding pads at a fast pace and you start to breath heavy, you need to take a break. When challenges or obstacles come your way, you fold and look for an easy way out. You’re a coward.

#5. You’re Training Muay Thai For The Wrong Reasons

You just want to look cool and say you do “Moo Tai” so you can brag to your friends or try to impress some girls that you would have no chance at otherwise. You aren’t in it to challenge yourself. You aren’t in it to be healthier or to gain more of an open mind. You’re in it for selfish and egotistic reasons that won’t get you anywhere in life.

#6. You Talk Way More Than You Train

You talk about how hard you train more than actually putting in the time and training. You are always talking about muay thai to your friends but it’s always the same stories you repeat.

“Dude I got hit so hard in sparring the other day I was literally seeing stars.” Yet that was a month ago and since then you haven’t sparred.

“My trainer kicked my ass with a crazy pad session – I threw up afterwards!” But you haven’t trained that hard or learned how to push yourself to that level yet.

One of my favorite quotes puts it best;

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do”

#7. You Lie To Yourself Constantly

You’re self awareness is low. You don’t understand what it’s like to be dedicated, to train hard and to actually become a successful muay thai fighter.

You tell yourself you are putting the time in, even though you are only training 3-4 times a week (which is not nearly enough if you plan to fight). You convince yourself that you are training hard even though in reality your not.

You skip or half ass the vital parts of your muay thai training like shadowboxing, heavy bag work, running and skipping rope.

Cookie Monster excuses#8. You Make Lame Excuses

You have a headache so you take a day off from training. Your shins hurt so you can’t make it to the gym. It’s raining outside and you don’t want to get wet.

Get over it. Toughen up and stop being a little bitch.

Fighter’s train through injuries, through hurricanes and regardless of what’s happening in their lives. Suck it up and put in work!

#9. You Are Afraid To Make Mistakes

You have too much of an ego and are unwilling to put yourself in compromising positions which make you look weak or inferior. You don’t want to spar better fighters because you’ll get tagged. You don’t ask questions because you think you know it all. You’re afraid to fail… and if you’re afraid to fail, you’ll never succeed.

How do these reasons affect you?

I know these reasons were harsh and to the point, but in reality we all come across at least one of them throughout our training. Personally I’ve had problems with making lame excuses, but I’ve overcome it with persistence and constantly motivating myself.

Have any of these reasons have held you back from reaching your full potential?

How did you get past these challenges in order to succeed in your training or muay thai fight career?

What tips and advice would you give to others struggling with the same problems?

Are there any other reasons you know of that are holding you or other muay thai practitioners back?

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