6-Pack Abs Workout For Fighters

Intense In-Home Core Workout For Muay Thai Fighters 

What constitutes a strong core?

Six-packs abs? Being able to perform a human flag? The ability to take (and deliver) punches and kicks with ease?

Each of these traits are all measures of a strong core, but what is it strong for?

We need the abs to be strong in just about every single way. It’s not enough to have a core that keeps your posture strong. It’s not enough to have muscle enough to endure the most agonizing of body shots. We need everything.

How, then, do you get everything?

The answer: training. The tough question that you must answer yourself is where the direction your training must head. Just remember to begin, take the first step, and since that’s the hardest step to take…we’ll make it easy for you.

6-Pack Abs Workout For Fighters

Try To Follow Along… If You Dare!

Without a strong core, you’ll have no balance. Without balance…then, well, you won’t have much of anything. No legs under you means to springs from which to generate power. Then would it not make sense to understand the role of balance?

Balance, like core strength, plays a role in many essential aspects of fighting (more on that later), yet it is often not overlooked.

When you’re watching fights, pay attention to balance, for it has links to stance, footwork, power, and everything else, then you will see…how important balance is.

Muay Thai Clinch Sweep | Off-Balancing Technique

Bounce around with a weak core and you’ll look but like a limp noodle dancing in the ring. Have a strong core…and you will, like Saenchai, dance around the ring.

For the beautiful ballet of motion will not just be of yourself, but of the violent picture you paint using your opponent as your canvas.

Let us observe one such ballet through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, this is Saenchai in all his balletic glory:

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Taking Dominant Angles

muay thai ab workout for fighters

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Muay Thai and MMA fighters have some of the strongest abs in the world.

Their 6-pack abs are as ripped and sculpted as it gets… but more importantly, they are FUNCTIONAL and durable too.

If you build a strong core you’ll have more explosive KO power in all your strikes AND you’ll be more resilient when it comes to taking knees and kicks to the body.

Click here to download another free intense ab workout for fighters.

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