5 Best Ways To Celebrate A Muay Thai Win

Looking to celebrate your muay thai win after putting in all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication?

All the time, effort and work you put in has paid off, but now you’re confronted with the real challenge…. how do you celebrate your muay thai win?

Pig Out and Commit the Sin of Gluttony

This is especially popular to the fighters who cut a massive amount of weight before they fight. If you’ve been dieting for 2+ weeks and eating only salads, nuts and fruits, then you deserve to spoil yourself after you destroy your opponent in the ring.

Reward yourself and go out to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal! I personally love to chow down on a full rack of ribs or load up on sushi… it all depends on what I’m in the mood for.

If you have the money and you just won a big, meaningful muay thai fight, you should also consider taking your friends, family and close fans out for a meal. Show the people who support you and come to your fights how much it truly means for them to cheer you on by taking them out to Red Lobster!!!

Party Hard At Your After Party!

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If you’re into clubbing, dancing and the nightlife atmosphere you’d probably be down for heading out to a roof top lounge or your favorite club after your glorious muay thai victory!

This is a great idea for a couple reasons;

1) Most people who come to your fight have been drinking and would love to keep the party rockin’ by heading to a sweet night club.

2) You might be able to get a club or bar to sponsor your after party and get some discounts or free drinks! Bringing your fans to a bar after your fight is a huge opportunity for that business and it would be stupid of them not to take you up on some type of offer.

One major factor in whether or not you throw an after party will depend on whether or not you are physically capable of making it out after your fight. I’ve had times where I’ve planned to go out after a fight, but then was too beat up (even after a win) to motivate myself to be around loud music and a bunch of drunk people.

Spoil Yourself with a Day at the Spa

Sounds a bit girly but a day of complete relaxation at a spa is my ideal way to celebrate my muay thai win. To be able to sit back, unwind and not have to worry or stress about anything is one of the best feelings in the world.

After a hardcore training camp and an intense fight, the last thing I want to do is anything physically or mentally demanding. Massages, sauna’s and steam rooms are on the top of the list of ways to celebrate your muay thai win because it involves little to no thinking.

Laying down on a nice chair and reading a book or listening to music may sound boring to some people, but it’s exactly what I need after all the strenuous training and fighting activities I’ve been engaged in.

Take Off From Work

Sounds like an obvious thing but I know a lot of muay thai fighters who fight on Saturday night and return straight to work on Monday… screw that! I want a full weekend to recover, not just a Sunday.

I work 6 days a week and any chance I get to take a day or two off from work, you bet your ass I’m going to take it. Even if I have nothing planned like going out to eat or spending a day at the spa, I’d just like to enjoy my time by laying in bed and doing absolutely NOTHING.

You might go stir crazy just doing nothing all day, but if you work constantly and barely have anytime to relax and unwind, a day of complete nothingness can do your mind and body wonders.

Get Right Back Into Training

kicking thai padsIf you aren’t injured and are feeling like a hardcore badass, you can always jump right back into training and work on the things you feel like you can improve on.

I personally would recommend at least a week off to reset and get your mind right for your upcoming training camp, but I do know how it feels to want to constantly be improving and constantly be training. However, it can do more harm than good and end up burning you out in the end.

But I might be completely wrong. Maybe you are a complete addict to physical torture and want to continue training the day after you fight. You’re sick to do it, but who’s going to stop you? More power to you if you want to celebrate your muay thai win by training, because training is the last thing on my mind after a fight!

How do you celebrate your wins?

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