Knockouts don’t exactly grow on trees, you know, but a Seed of Doubt, planted early on in a fight with fakes and feints, can bear destructive fruit later on. . .


As Sun Tzu once wrote, “The art of war is deception.”

Fakes and feints are some of the best tools for deception. You are able to draw a reaction from your opponent and get a read on them without exposing yourself.

Once you’ve got a gauge on your opponent’s reaction, you may plan your next attack based on their reaction. Now, if all goes well, you should be able to land the knockout blow.

In this Evolve MMA video below, the most decorated champion in Muay Thai history, Petchboonchu FA Group, will show you four fake combinations to use against your next opponent:




Cro Cop planting the deceptive seeds early on that lead his left shin to Igor’s wide-open face.

There are many feints you can choose from, but which ones are the best? Not all feints are created equal.


For a feint to be effective, the feinted technique must be threatening. If you can’t throw a lead hook to save your life, feinting with it won’t do anything. It’s like having a five-year-old threatening to go on a candy strike – it ain’t gonna happen.

You also want your feint to be of a technique that you often use, like a teep or a jab. Furthermore, you want to be able to easily transition from the feint to another technique.

Cro Cop often feinted with his left straight, drawing a parry from his opponent and thus exposing the right side of their face. Then he’d follow up with a left high kick (see right). It is very easy to transition from the left straight to a left high kick. You’ll notice in the gif that the twist of the shoulder and extension of the hand is very similar in the left high kick as it is to the left straight.

The closer your follow-up technique is to the feinted technique, the more likely you are to land the knockout blow.

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