3 Tips For Dealing With A Long Break From Training

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 38

Sean Fagan Broken ArmIf you train Muay Thai long enough chances are that there will eventually come a time where you are forced to take an extended break.

There are a variety of things that could force you out of your training flow. Things like serious injuries (broken arms, dislocated shoulders, torn knee ligaments, concussions etc.) or important life/work situations can pop up on a moments notice and completely break your training routine.

Once your consistent flow of training is interrupted, getting back into that rhythm can be extremely difficult.

As someone who has dealt both with serious injuries and life situations, I’ve been able to figure out ways to not only get back into a steady training routine, but also to continuously grow and improve even when I’m out of the gym. In the most recent Muay Thai Guys podcast, Paul and I discuss our tips and philosophies for getting back into regular training routine.

Here are the top tips we cover in our latest podcast:

#1. Developing A Positive, Resilient Mindset

Without an optimistic mind it can be easy to feel defeated and helpless. These types of negative emotions are bound to pop up one way or another, but having a positive mindset can help control those emotions so you’re able to stay productive and happy. Learn how to take your negative situation and turn it into a positive one and you’ll be much more likely to overcome any adversity thrown your way.

#2. Using An Injury To Focus On Other Areas

As a nak muay it is probable that you will be forced out of training due to an injury (especially if you fight.) But just because you’re injured, doesn’t mean you need to stop improving.

Break your left arm? Improve your right cross and the technique in your kicks.
Injure your foot? Focus primarily on your boxing and clinch work.
Lower back bothering you? Do light recovery work and stretching.

Even if an injury is keeping you completely out of the gym that shouldn’t stop you from growing. You can always focus on improving your nutrition and you could also dissect fights to learn more about the strategies and tactics of top level fighters.

#3. Remember WHY / Writing Out Your Goals

Why did you start training Muay Thai in the first place? Was it to learn a new martial art? To lose some weight? To test yourself in a fight?

Whatever the reason was/is, it’s important to remind yourself of those reasons on a regular basis. Not only will it serve as guide for returning back to the gym, but it will also serve as a source of motivation since you’ll be constantly reminded of your love for Muay Thai.


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