3 Teep Fake Techniques for Muay Thai

Feint the Teep, Land the Combos

“The art of war is deception.” -Sun Tzu

Feints and fakes are often the techniques that allow fighters to get the finish. It is through misdirection that they make their strikes invisible. Feints and fakes occupy the opponent’s attention momentarily, a split second enough for a punch, knee, kick, or elbow to move behind enemy lines and land on the opponent.

All techniques may be feinted and faked. However, there are some that will be more convincing feints and fakes. The teep is one technique that is a particularly great technique to feint or fake. It can draw your opponent to parry in a wide arc, thus leaving their head exposed for a prolonged period, and you may also hop in while on one knee like Saenchai.

How you choose to leverage or feint will be up to you, but below are some recommendations:

It’s always good to have a plan B.

Ever had an instance of your low kick or kick missing abysmally? Ever found your opponent on your back like a paranormal entity the moment you spun around after a missed kick? To ensure that neither of these things ever happen again, we’re getting into how to deal with missed kicks.

Whenever you miss, your opponent will most likely attempt to take full advantage of your lost opportunity lest they lose their opportunity. However, this time, the the tables will be turned against them. With this sweet technique, you will spear your opponent as they move in.

Muay Thai Basics: Missed Low Kick to Side Kick

The overall game of striking and fighting is a tricky one. However, if there is one person who is on the path to mastery, it is the next superstar of striking Tenshin Nasukawa. And if there is someone who has deconstructed striking to the highest levels, it is Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

The Next Superstar of Striking: Tenshin Nasukawa | Lawrence Kenshin

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