3 Hook, Low Kick Combos from Lion Fight’s Chris Mauceri

3 Ways To Throw The Hook, Low Kick Combination

Works of attrition are underrated.

Body shots and low kicks can be one shot finishes. However, we’re not all Pat Barry or Bas Rutten. For many fighters, body shots and low kicks become works of attrition. Today, the focus is going to be on low kicks.

Few things can disrupt balance like a low kick. And few setups lend more power to a low kick than hooks. The hook-to-low-kick pairing was made famous by the great Ernest Hoost. Hoost abused this combination for good reason. The hook, if done properly, puts the hips in a perfect angle that allows more power to be generated. Furthermore, the hook is a tool which pushes your opponent’s weight onto their lead leg (or rear leg if you’re an orthodox facing a southpaw or vice versa) trapping leg in place to be kicked into oblivion.

However, if your opponent’s leg isn’t kicked into oblivion, you may try again.  Here comes attrition. Let’s look at all the ways you can utilize a hook, low kick combo:

Nothing says low kick mastery and trickery low kicking the rear leg. Many fighters only expect their lead leg to get kicked. However, when the kicking of the rear leg begins, that’s when unpredictability begins.

In the below video, Chris Mauceri demonstrates 3 techniques to get past the lead leg and kick the rear leg. Note that the techniques in the above video can be adapted for these setups demonstrated below:

3 Muay Thai Rear Leg Kick Setups

As if kicking the rear leg wasn’t enough. Kicking while moving back is a particularly difficult feat; therefore, to be able to kick while moving backwards will put you amongst rare company.

Through the analysis of Ernesto Hoost and Daniel Ghita, Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown teaches us the backslide low-kick:

Backslide Low-Kick ft. Ernesto Hoost & Daniel Ghita | Lawrence Kenshin

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