3 Ernesto Hoost Low Kick Combinations

3 Low Kick Setup Techniques

Ernesto Hoost may just be the king of low kicks.

His method of landing low kicks is found largely on shifting the opponent’s weight from one leg to another. Controlling the opponent’s weight transfer greatly aids in all form of offense. For instance, the head kicks of Peter Aerts often come right after a clinch. Aerts will clinch, push the opponent so that they’re off balance; and because they’re off balance, their hands drop to center themselves, which leaves their heads completely defenseless.

Landing low kicks will often be about knowing when it is impossible for an opponent to check a kick, and also about knowing how to create those openings. Here are 3 such ways to create openings:

3 Ernesto Hoost Low Kick Combinations

Using hooks to force the opponent’s weight onto one leg is one of many ways to ensure they cannot check, and land a leg kick. Are there other ways to create openings? Sure. One opening is when your opponent steps backwards or forwards, you can slam their leg which is just coming down and catching their bodyweight in the cycle of controlled falling which we call walking, or you can push your opponent back and kick their trailing leg into the high heavens.

This video is about the synergy between pushes and kicks, and the trickiness of weight transfer.

Muay Thai Kick Combo | Inside Leg Kick To Teep

Sean breaking down Ernesto Hoost’s is great enough, but how about some  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns? Even better. Weight transfer is a beautiful toy for you to play with, and here’s hoping you get a deeper look into its power.

Ernesto Hoost: Devastating Weight Transfer Knockouts

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