How To Kick Like a Pro Thai Fighter And Throw Fast, THUNDEROUS Kicks!

The Most Successful Muay Thai Practitioners See The Best Results When They Follow These 2 Simple Steps:

#1. Put In The Work 

Your goal is to put in 15-minutes a day of focused training... that's it!  

Obviously, if you can train for longer than 15-minutes that's even better, but as long as you stay consistent I promise that you will see amazing results in just 30 days.  

You've got my detailed tutorials, a thorough Muay Thai technique breakdown and the best drills that are used by world champion fighters and trainers - and all you gotta do is follow along! 

#2. Combine The Correct Technique With The Best Drills

It’s no exaggeration to say that the #1 mistake I see people make with their shin conditioning (especially beginners) is not focusing on their kicking technique.  

You wouldn't believe how many nak muay I see injure their shins because of their bad technique... It's unreal!  

Developing incorrect roundhouse technique often is caused by either bad instruction or no instruction at all, and this is EXACTLY why you need professional guidance from experienced fighters and coaches.  

I’m talking about learning from someone who will show you how to kick with absolutely flawless technique, insane power and lightning fast speed.  

And I'm talking about just one professional either, I'm talking about a complete team of fighters and trainers that will teach you all the finer details that will give you a HUGE advantage on your next sparring partner ;)

TRUTH: If you don't have the correct kicking technique you're going to be working against yourself during your entire Muay Thai journey.

Every time you train, you're creating the foundation and muscle memory that make up your Muay Thai technique - and every time you kick with incorrect technique, you're not only teaching yourself a bad habit, but you're also making it more likely to injure your shins... which is never fun.  

But when you’re first starting out, all you think is that in order to condition your shins you need to do all this extra stuff, when in reality the key comes down to how well you are able to throw a roundhouse kick.  

That's why using PROVEN Muay Thai Specific Drills and Training Tools taught by experienced, reputable fighters and coaches is crucial to your success. You'll avoid picking up bad habits, injuring yourself and looking like a fool in front of your friends and training partners.

The program I'm about to share with you has been tried, tested and proven at the highest levels of competition. Thousands of passionate Muay Thai practitioners from all over the world have seen incredible results.. 

I'm so excited to announce the release of...  

21 Killer Kicking Drills

Get ready to add insane power AND speed into your kicks by using the BEST drills to enhance all aspects of your Muay Thai roundhouse. I have put together this kicking program and technique breakdowns for you to use so you can take your shin conditioning and overall technique to the next level! These 21 Killer Kicking Drills (which also come with some sweet bonuses) is available right now on this page for 60% off it's regular price! This program is one of the most popular courses I could ever imagine giving a person that is ready and committed to their love of Muay Thai… and it’s the ultimate key to my own personal “training toolbox.”

Here's what you'll get instant access to... 

Component #1: 21 Killer Kicking Drills  

Inside this digital course you'll find the BEST kicking drills that will dramatically improve your Muay Thai kicks and turn you into an absolute beast in the gym! 

✔ Solo Kicking Drills: Don't have a training partner to work drills with? Don't worry! A majority of these drills can be done along with a heavy bag or shadowboxing, so no need to wait on someone to hold pads for you! 

✔ Partner Kicking Drills: Intensify your training sessions by adding in partner kicking drills that will improve all aspects of your Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. These drills are a great way to push each other hard and get to the next level! 

✔ Detailed, Easy To Follow Explanations: Doing these drills incorrectly can lead to you picking up bad habits and slowing down your progress. Fortunately, after years of training with elite level fighters and coaches, Sean is able to explain and demonstrate how to do these drills to maximize your results... with no added "fluff”! 

✔ Guaranteed Results: We are so confident in these drills that after you implement them your training routine we guarantee that you will see immediate results in the power, speed and/or technique of your Muay Thai kicks.

Component #2: Detailed Kicking Technique Tutorials  

Your technique is the single most important factor in improving your kick speed, power and efficiency. These videos will teach you the key fundamentals of the roundhouse kicks so you throw them with crisp, clean technique and maximum power! 

✔The key components to what makes a Muay Thai roundhouse more powerful than other types of kicks!

✔Breakdown of the offensive and defensive components to maximize your power and avoid being countered! 

✔How to do both a rear roundhouse AND switch roundhouse kick with flawless technique. 

✔Important body mechanics to be aware of to stay balanced and controlled while still delivering your kicks with serious power.

Component #3: Intense Heavy Bag Workout 

Banging the heavy bag with focus and intention is one of the BEST ways to improve your Muay Thai skills and get in phenomenal shape. This intense workout is one of the most popular videos from The Heavy Bag Blueprint course and play a major role in increasing your kicking power and speed! Turn your boring heavy bag sessions into intense, focused, productive workouts and become a BEAST in the gym!

BONUS #1: Muay Thai Mastery Training Guide  

Muay Thai Mastery outlines in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format everything you need to know to be as prepared as possible for when you step into the ring, including: 

✔Training Tips: Learn how to prioritize your workouts and schedule your muay thai training camp around work and life! 

✔Nutritional Advice: Know what to fuel your body with to gain more energy, maximize your workouts and cut weight safely and effectively.

✔Mental Training Tips: Gain more confidence, discipline and respect while learning my personal strategies and techniques to feel more focused, calm and relaxed for training or fight night.

✔Step-By-Step Guide: Get an inside look of how I go through training camp from setting goals, scheduling my workouts, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, and more! 

✔Improve Your Entire Game! Maximize your efforts while you improve your conditioning, focus and techniques during shadowboxing, heavy bag work, sparring and all other facets of your muay thai training.

BONUS #2: Yodsanklai's Power Kick Breakdown  

No one kicks harder than living legend Yodsanklai Fairtex!  

The amount of power he generates in his kicks is enough to break ribs and make his opponents doubt ever fighting again. Do you want explosive power like Yod? Then this detailed breakdown by expert striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin will cover all aspects to what makes Yodsanklai's kick technique so devastating: 

✔Full Power Generation &Defense 

✔The Keys To Loading For Insanely Powerful Kicks 

✔Low Kick Technique and Setup 

✔Alternating Right Kick/Left Kick Technique 

✔Anticipating and Returning Kicks With Explosive Power 

✔Generating Power While Kicking Twice in Succession And much more!

BONUS #3: 14-Day Trial VIP Membership To Nak Muay Nation!  

Gain instant access to the #1 Muay Thai training resource and online community that is guaranteed to take your passion (and skills) for Muay Thai to the next level!  

✔Exclusive Muay Thai Video Courses and Breakdowns: These in-depth video courses with over 150+ HD videos cover anything from the basic combos to advanced strategies and techniques. You’ll have a NEW invaluable resource sent to you every single month.  

✔Exclusive Muay Thai Technique Library: Get instant access to over 100+ HD videos of techniques, sparring breakdowns, fight analysis, workouts and drills to add to your training sessions. With new videos being added regularly, you’ll have an entire vault of videos that will help you transform your Muay Thai.  

✔VIP Access to the “Nak Muay Nation Facebook Group”: One of the most best, most important things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded, passionate people. Being in a community of other motivated Nak Muay will transform your life for the better.  

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Meet Your Coach!

Hey! Sean Fagan or "The Muay Thai Guy" here.  

I'm a professional fighter, amateur champion and Muay Thai addict. I also train and coach people all over the world, helping them along their Muay Thai journey and sharing all the advice or experience I've gained throughout my 30 fight career.

My passion for Muay Thai developed after feeling lost in life and having no real purpose or direction. Fortunately, I found "the art of eight limbs" and have been completely immersed in this beautiful martial art for over 8 years. 

Throughout my career - which is just getting started) ;) - I've won a championship title as Madison Square Garden, fought for and won the US WKA title with a broken arm, and have fought on top promotions like Lion Fight and Super Muay Thai. On top of that I'm a passionate coach who hosts events both in Costa Rica and Thailand... needless to say, I'm helplessly addicted to Muay Thai.

On top of all of that, I have have also created numerous Muay Thai courses, written multiple training guides and started both the #1 Muay Thai website AND online community - Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation. 

My primary focus is to teach you the skills and provide you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of your Muay Thai trainingf - so you can achieve the result you're looking for while enjoying yourself along the way.

Here's What To Do Now:

Get Your 21 Killer Kicking Drills program so you can Achieve the Best Results with both your Shin Conditioning and Kicking Technique, Power & Speed!

  •  21 Killer Kicking Drills video course 
  •  Detailed Technique Tutorials For The Roundhouse & Switch Kick 
  •  Intense Heavy Bag Workout from The Heavy Bag Blueprint program 
  •  Muay Thai Mastery Training Guide eBook 
  •  Yodsanklai's Power Kick Breakdown by Striking Analyst Lawrence Kenshin 
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  •  30 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

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No waiting! This is a Digital Program. No Physical Products will be shipped


No need to be embarrassed about your weak kicks anymore. It's time to revolutionize your training and take it to the next level! These 21 Killer Kicking Drills and additional bonuses are exactly what you need to become an absolute beast in training... so, what are you waiting for?!  

So, whether you're a Muay Thai addict looking to harden your shins and get in ridiculous shape by intensifying your training sessions, or you're a coach who wants to add new, exciting drills to your classes, this is the perfect addition to your training (not to mention it's super cheap too!)  

You've gotten this far. You owe it to yourself to do everything you can. And you have a very short window of time to make the most of this.  

Now is the time to ask yourself if you are just interested in getting the results you're after, or if you are you COMMITTED?  

Because if you're just interested, you'll do what's convenient.  

But if you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes.  

Get this 21 killer kicking drills video course and see incredible results!

Real Testimonials from Real People

"I have always enjoyed simplicity. The 21 Killer Kicking Drills are not only simple but effective. As the head coach for Warachai Thai Boxing, I use these drills on a regular basis to help my fighters become more explosive and responsive. I believe practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Sean Fagan demonstrates these kicking drills perfectly and explains things so simply, that even a beginner can easily understand. One of my personal favorite set of drills is the pyramid and it is one hell of a workout. All of us at Warachai Thai Boxing love them!!"

- Coach Richard Burgess

"The 21 Killer Kicking Drills were awesome! Very concise, technical and informative best part is that it's not like the old instructional dvd's. Sean shows his personality in it as well making you feel more comfortable as if you were right in the gym with him, powerful stuff Sean!"  

- Jay Matias, Professional Muay Thai Fighter 

"I've been training for some sport or another for over 20 years and Ive seen all kinds of programs and training tools and gimmicks. Your videos that I've used - Heavy Bag Blueprint, Clinch King - and now The 21 Killer Kicking Drills are the Fuckin' shit! Pardon my enthusiasm :)  

But really they are so easy to use and to follow and even with my brutal schedule, age (42) and previous injuries I have been able to improve so much just on your tutorials and workout programs alone with or without training partners or a gym to train in. You have really made programs for anyone to not just use but drastically improve their game , technique and overall conditioning. Cant say enough about how happy I am with what youre doing! Keep it up and thank you!"  

- Jason White, Muay Thai practitioner

"21 KKD video course was amazing! I have been taking kickboxing classes at the UFC gym for 2 years on and off. After wondering why I always I give up on kickboxing I realized that I get bored with the classes and needed something more challenging so I searched online and found your website. Because the 21 KKD video course was so good I went ahead and purchased the membership. My 3-year old son takes karate classes 2 times a week but we watch your videos like it's a movie and we practice the techniques together. Thank you so much for being so passionate about Muay Thai and offering your product for such an affordable price." - Chevarria Miller, Muay Thai practitioner

"There is a lot of conflicting information out there written by people who have never competed or never trained. As the Glory World Champion I need to make sure the information I'm getting is from a reliable and trusted source.  

Muay Thai Guy is simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques. I not only use this for myself but recommend this to all my fellow combat athletes and fans. If you want the real non-nonsense info you can trust, Muay Thai Guy is the only website you need!"  

- Joseph Valtellini, GLORY Kickboxing Welterweight Champion

Take Action Now To Ensure Your Greatest Success with your Muay Thai Training and Shin Conditioning!

Get Your 21 Killer Kicking Drills program so you can Achieve the Best Results with both your Shin Conditioning and Kicking Technique, Power & Speed!

* 21 Killer Kicking Drills video course 

* Detailed Technique Tutorials For The Roundhouse & Switch Kick 

* Intense Heavy Bag Workout from The Heavy Bag Blueprint program 

* Muay Thai Mastery Training Guide eBook 

* Yodsanklai's Power Kick Breakdown by Striking Analyst Lawrence Kenshin 

* Available in Downloadable Format so You Can Enjoy it Instantly on Any Device 

* 30 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $27

Special Discount For A Limited Time: Only $7

Get Instant Access to the ENTIRE "21 Killer Kicking Drills" program for Just $7. Plus your Bonus Program and Plus Your Free Trial of "Nak Muay Nation" for 14 Days (Then Just $39/month), Cancel Anytime. 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  

No waiting! This is a Digital Program. No Physical Products will be shipped

Q: What are the routines in the 21 Killer Kicking Drills program like? A: The program consists of a variety of drills that you can either drills with a partner using Thai pads or drill by yourself using a heavy bag. Each drills focuses on helping you drive more power in your hips and torso so you throw each kick with violent intentions. On top of that, these drills can be done in as little as 15 minutes a day and you'll still amazing results!  

Q: Do I need to know Muay Thai or martial arts to learn from this program? A: No experience necessary! As a matter of fact, using this program (and awesome bonuses) is probably the BEST way to learn proper technique in your Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. And even if you're a seasoned pro fighter, the drills and technique breakdowns will take your kicks to another level! 

Q: I'm a little bit older, is this program still suitable for me? A: You betcha! All of the drills and training methods used inside 21 Killer Kicking Drills can be tailored to all experience levels and ages. To be honest, age has nothing to do with seeing results from this program, as long as you have a willingness to learn and put in the work you'll see almost immediate results in your fitness and technique. There is no fancy equipment or heavy weight lifting involved, so you'll have no issues at all giving these drills a go!  

Q: How much time will my workouts take? A: The great thing about these drills is that they're all about intensity and focus. As long as you put in 15-minutes of focused training 5 times a week, you'll be surprised by how quickly your kicks and conditioning improve. It's all about quality training! By using any variety of these kicking drills you'll constantly be sharpening your skills and building your cardio up!  

Q: When can I start?! A: Right away! All of the material is digitally downloaded straight to your desktop or device so you can start using the drills and training methods inside this quality program instantly! Just click the link below to get started!  

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This prograam and the information provided is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise displayed in this program, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.