The Perfect “Train-cation” For Muay Thai Addicts

An Amazing Experience at the Muay Thai Retreat

Muay Thai, surfing, hiking, beautiful nature, good food, beaches, and more.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to training in beautiful nature, then sipping on delicious coconut juice between bites of a mouth-watering post-workout meal? There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language, nor any language, to describe the beauty of the Muay Thai Retreat.

As Adam Verner said, “it’s been an amazing lifetime experience.”

Muay Thai Retreat is exactly what it sounds like, but, as listed above, with so much more:

The beauty of the Muay Thai Retreat begins with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai instruction is provided by Sean Fagan in beaches or jungles, and they are suited for all skill levels, from not a second spent in Muay Thai to a dozen professional fights in the ring.

After Muay Thai, there is food. You like food, don’t you? Of course. However, what about Costa Rica food prepared by great chefs? When you try it, you will love it.

There’s nothing better than a post-workout meal after Muay Thai. Except…surfing? If Muay Thai lessons from Muay Thai Guy himself weren’t good enough, how about surfing lessons from professional surfers? When time is absent, you KNOW that you’re having a good time. And nothing makes time disappear quite like a surf.

Days are full of hitting pads, digesting foods, and catching waves.

However, there are also nights. Perhaps after surfing for hours, one can dry themselves off and warm up around a lovely, lovely beach bonfire. As if the brightness and beauty of the beach bonfire enough, you will be stunned by the beauty of the stars above. Is there a better way to cap off a day than to sit around a campfire with people that have the same values and passions as you? And is there a better vacation, or train-cation, than Muay Thai Retreat? Not likely.

But do remember, this is just a peek at all that is Muay Thai Retreat. Get booking and book.

Live the fullest of life and go to to sign up!

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