Muay Thai Spinning Elbow KO | Fake Teep to Spinning Elbow Knockout

How To Setup The Spinning Back Elbow Technique

Landing a spinning back elbow KO in a Muay Thai or MMA fight is always a highlight reel type of knockout.

The insane amount of torque that goes into the spinning elbow motion is enough to break your opponents nose and knock them out unconscious. As sadistic as it sounds… wouldn’t that be sweet?!

This advanced muay thai technique can be very difficult to land, especially if you aren’t setting it up properly. It can also leave you very vulnerable if not thrown with the correct technique and you’re not sure how to recover in case you miss it.

In this technique video, watch amateur fighter, Emilio “Hyrdo” Pineda, land this fake teep / spinning back elbow knockout to win his spot at the IFMA World Championships. Then check out the rest of the tutorial to see the technique behind the entire spinning elbow setup!

If you want to support Emilio fight at the IFMA’s, check out his GoFundMe ===

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other setup techniques that you can use to land a spinning back elbow. Besides the fake teep to spinning elbow that you just watched in the video above, there’s also a possibility to land an reverse elbow by purposely missing a kick. One of the best ways to setup this brutal elbow technique is to follow through as you miss a kick and use that momentum to land the spinning elbow.

Want to see it in action? Check out another great Muay Thai technique tutorial by UK champion Damien Trainor:

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