Muay Thai Monday: How Do I Transition From Grappling to Muay Thai?

What Grappling Tendencies Should I Avoid When Starting Muay Thai?

Starting in a grappling art like Judo, BJJ or wrestling and then transitioning into Muay Thai has it’s pros and cons.

One of the benefits of starting off as a grappler is that you’re probably more comfortable in the clinch and have a solid athletic background as well. On top of that, chances are you are more aware of how important learning the proper fundamental techniques are. However, one of the disadvantages is having to restructure some of the movements and postures while avoiding bad tendencies that could lead to you making some costly mistakes.

In this Muay Thai Monday Q&A, Josh from Germany, who started martial arts as a judo practitioner and wrestler, asks about some of the tendencies he should avoid when making the transition to Muay Thai. I answer his question with the help of my friend Koda from Check it out!

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