How To Throw A Flying Knee – Advanced Muay Thai Technique

Muay Thai Flying Knee Technique Tutorial and Tips

If you were to throw and land an awesome technique like the Muay Thai flying knee, you’ll feel like an official badass. Although this advanced technique may seem difficult at first, if you break it down into a step-by-step movement, you should be able to throw it comfortably and correctly in just a few training sessions!

Learning how to throw a flying knee is cool and all, but make sure when you are fighting you use it sparingly and cautiously since it does leave you open for counters. Although it’s a great surprise attack that can be used to strike your opponents head or body, it shouldn’t be the only technique you focus on during training and fights. Remember – the basics win fights!

How To Throw a Muay Thai Flying Knee Video Tutorial


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There’s a lot that goes into throwing a flying knee strike, but like I said earlier, if you break if down piece by piece you should have no issues practicing it during your next training session. With that in mind, here are the main tips and points to consider when practicing and throwing a Muay Thai flying knee:

  • With this version of the flying knee (there are other ways to throw it as well) make sure you are within striking range. If you’re not, then take a few steps in to be within range to land the knee.
  • To deliver power to the knee and to land it on your opponents head, bend your knees slightly so you can jump and drive upwards.
  • As you are jumping up turn/rotate your lead hip to the rear as you rotate your rear hip to the front.
  • At the peak of your jump point your knee and strike.
  • Try to have some kind of defense by using your arms as a long guard to avoid any counters.
  • Land softly and be prepared for counter strikes.

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