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Muay Thai Podcast Interview #47 Impromptu Podcast With Tony Manoharan in Thailand So, I'm just getting coffee and a local coffee shop here in Chiang Mai, right? I look up and notice the guy standing next to me in line.
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We all know that to train muay thai in Thailand is on the bucket list for every nak muay. If it’s not, then there is obviously something seriously wrong with you and you need to reassess your sanity. When
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Why You Should Know Pre-Fight Rituals And Traditions of Muay Thai In my opinion, being respectful should be one of your top priorities as a fighter and as a person. There are plenty of douche bags who fight for the wrong reasons
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Hippies, Ribs, and Anxiety. The following is a part 4 of a multiple part series written by Andrew Dearnley about how he has decided to quit his film making career to pursue a life of training Muay Thai in the
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A complete guide to training at the best Thailand Muay Thai camps Ohhhhh yea buddy! I finally finished the newest, most badass guide for traveling, training, and fighting in Thailand!!! Yea it took a bit longer than I expected, but
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Thailand Muay Thai Training Camp on Koh Phangan Island Diamond Muay Thai has been exactly what I was hoping for in a gym during my stay on the relaxed island of Koh Phangan. The general atmosphere is laid back,
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Ready for another awesome podcast? Dorian Price has been through the ups and downs while living, training, and fighting Muay Thai in Thailand and was cool enough to share his insights again after I messed up and didn't record the
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So, I had an awesome time talking with Dorian Price about his career and life in Thailand. He was the first and only foreign fighter to be sponsored by Sitmonchai in Bangkok and has fought at the top stadiums like
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Why "Training Like A Thai" Isn't For Everyone I get it, you’re in Thailand and you want to train as hard and as often as possible. You want to make the most of your time in the mecca of
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Muay Thai Podcast Interview #46 Steve Kong from BOOM! Finally, a NEW podcast episode with an awesome guest, Steve Kong from! Steve has been living, training, and fighting in Thailand since 2011 and started the Muay Thai
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