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It's Not 'Where' You Fight, It's 'How' You Fight In some places, there is a kind of fluidity between being an amateur Muay Thai fighter and a professional one. The main difference is the presence (or absence) of shin
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Leah Reflects On The Beauty & Challenge of Thailand There is more to Thailand Training Camp than just the country or the work. Thailand Training Camp is the complete experience. You will be training with world-class Krus, multiple times a
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The Muay Thai Guys Podcast - Episode 72 Sometimes you just gotta hit record and just talk Muay Thai - and that's exactly what Paul and I did in the most recent podcast episode. With so much going on in
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 Visiting the Gym of the Most Famous Muay Thai Fighter of All Time In episode #2 of Discovering The Real Thailand, Andy Tiet settles into Bangkok and scopes out his potential training options before deciding to take a taxi
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Episode 1: Muay Thai Gyms, Elephant Polo, and Rajadamnern Stadium Sponsored by Sean Fagan, Andy Tiet is in Thailand for the World Wai Kru ceremony. He will visit many of Thailand's most important historical sights like Ayutthaya, Thailand's Temple City,
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A Camper Reflects on The Thailand Training Camp Experience Thailand Training Camp is the true fighter experience. Thailand Training Camp is the complete Muay Thai experience. You wake up, eat, run, train, eat, nap, train, eat, and sleep. That
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Why Doing Your Own Research is Crucial To Choosing A Muay Thai Gym in Thailand One of the most common questions we get is "What Thailand Muay Thai Camp Should I Go To?" To be honest, this vague question
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What Is A Sak Yant Tattoo? And How Do I Get One in Thailand? Sak yant are traditional Thai tattoos. Literally meaning “tattoo yantra”, they are believed to be magical and give the bearer protection, strength, good fortune, and
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Dusty Middlebrook's First Fight Without Gear "It's either going to be a knockout for me, a knockout for him, it's going to be a war and I'm going to win." -Dusty Middlebrook The quote says it all. Dusty Middlebrook
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Angelica's 1st Fight in Thailand She is ready. When you train 3 times a day for weeks in one of Bangkok's top gyms, it is impossible not to be ready. However, even the best fighters get nervous. Even one of
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