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The destination is the most important part of the journey. Learn where (and how) to slam home your punches, kicks and elbows. . . Read More
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From comes this newbie-friendly assessment of the differences between the Sweet Science and the Art of Eight Limbs. . . Read More
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It's "the Art of Eight Limbs," so why only focus on SIX of them? These are boxing techniques that work (and don't work) for Muay Thai. . . Read More
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Are you an orthodox fighter? Do you have trouble when you’re sparring a southpaw? No need to worry - you're not the only one. Read More
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5 TIPS THAT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU CLINCH Something that sets Muay Thai apart from most other types of striking is the clinch. Unfortunately, the clinch is also something many people struggle with because of: Poor technique Fear of
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THE HOW-TO OF HELLBOWS: VOLUME I When fans think of this sport, they first imagine razor-sharp elbows cutting through the air and slashing skin from skulls. Whereas boxing is all about the hands, Muay Thai is defined by its
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KIDS LOVE THIS NINJA CIRCLE WARM UP There can't be a good workout without a good warm up. If you don't warm up, not only will you get less out of training, but you will probably get yourself injured.
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STEER CLEAR OF THESE ROOKIE CLINCH MISTAKES Look further beyond the West and you will find out there is more to the clinch than just simply pulling someone's head into your knee. The devil is in the details and
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HOW TO: HIGHLIGHT REEL HIGH KICKS High kicks. The golden technique of martial arts and, in many ways, the mark of a good martial artist. No one just throws a high kick; only people who dedicate their life to
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I’m Sean Fagan – just a normal dude who is severely addicted to Muay Thai. I literally eat, sleep and breathe the sport, and I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life without it. My goal is to become a professional champion and fight the best in the world. During my career, I hope to help spread the word of this beautiful sport and inspire other people to pursue their dreams!Read more...

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