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Feed The Beast: Pre- & Post-Workout Nutrition [caption id="attachment_12386" align="alignright" width="350"] The Muay Thai Guy takes pre- and post-workout nutrition seriously, so you should too![/caption] It’s a simple fact of life but it never gets any less true: food
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It's Possible To Train Muay Thai And Work A 9-5 There may be some of you who are living your dream of training and fighting Muay Thai full-time but for most nak muay, the journey in the art of eight limbs
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Optimizing Carbohydrates for Muay Thai Athletes There has been a recent increase in the popularity of high fat, low carb diets, and as a direct result, carbohydrates have become somewhat demonized within the health and fitness industry. Carbohydrates have
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The Benefits of Two Powerful Thai Herbs Written by Alex Eriksson of If you want to be the best when it comes to Muay Thai, you accept the small mercies in any form they may come. Today, they
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MTG Contributor, Pascale Fontaine, Has a Question For You Do you even supp, bro? Eating whole foods, preferably organic - if you can afford it - is mandatory for anyone who's seriously into combat sports. It is the only
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The Muay Thai Guys Podcast - Episode 33 Early on in my career I avoided taking supplements for my Muay Thai training because I used to be HARD into the type of shitty supplements that destroy your body and get
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You Train Like An Athlete, So Stop Eating Like a Fat Kid!  You know how to hit the pads hard. Your kicks bend the shit out of those babies and your punches are nothing to mess with. You got
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The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 23 Nutrition can be a major bitch. The amount of different aspects and philosophies on nutrition makes it nearly impossible to decipher what will work best for you. What should you eat? When
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The Muay Thai Guys Podcast - Episode 3 Weight cutting SUCKS and is basically the closest thing to torturing yourself you can do. Unfortunately, it's a part of the sport that all competitors have to deal with at one
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How To Eat The Food You Love While Maintaining Your Weight   [caption id="attachment_6698" align="alignright" width="322"] Buakaw knows how to chow down![/caption] If you’ve been on the internet chances are you’ve seen a post of someone eating some crazy amount of junk
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